Garry attended Medix College of Healthcare where he quickly showed an aptitude for the skills needed to perform extremely effective massage treatments. He took a particular interest in the science behind the techniques, and how the human body functions, heals itself and how massage therapy helps those processes and improve one's quality of life. He graduated in 2010 at the top of his class as Valedictorian. After successfully completing his provincial board exams 2 months later, he was eager to get his career started.


Immediately after passing his board exams, Garry was hired into the field. He spent 2 years working at clinics in Whitby, developing his skills, learning about the industry and building a large and loyal client base. 

In 2012, he made the move to downtown Toronto where he was not only a Registered Massage Therapist, but also the Clinic Director of a very busy clinic in the downtown core. It was there that Garry's entrepreneurial spirit was sparked.

In September of 2013, Garry branched out on his own, starting a business where clients all over Toronto and the GTA could benefit from a skilled and proven Registered Massage Therapist who would provide extremely effective treatments to clients in the comfort of their own homes, offices and cottages. And thus, Massage On Demand was born. Since then, he has performed over 1500 treatments to more than 200 clients.

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